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Transforming your service


Telecommunications industry is broader than it was in the past. It encompasses multiple service providers, including telephone companies, cable system operators, Internet service providers, wireless carriers, and satellite operators. Emix specializes in Optic Fiber technology from design, installation and testing.

Emix prides itself in fiber installation expertise. We install fiber networks for long haul, metro, access and FTTx networks. As a premier provider of fiber optic connectivity services, Emix is well placed to help you achieve significant cost saving through-out your network’s life cycle from conceptual design to on-going maintenance and support.

From visual fault locators, Fluke testers and OTDRs to Network Quality Monitoring Systems, handheld network protocol analyzers to centralized Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring, Emix is committed to conduct a comprehensive fiber integrity tests matching international ITU-T standards. Should the test results become sub-optimal, Emix has the required expertise and experience to carry out corrective measures for your fiber performance to meet the required standards.

Emix provides organizations with network designs and implementation plans to meet business and user requirements. We emphasize on technology integration, future performance, security, flexibility, manageability and scalability. During the implementation of the design, Emix avails highly experienced personnel to oversee the implementation process.

Emix offers excellent Remote Hands (RH) support while keeping you constantly updated. When you or your employee submits a service request, we will send a qualified and a certified Emix engineer with the right expertise for the job. Emix will manage the entire service process end to end, we will diagnose the problem, schedule all appointments, order necessary spares, and complete the repair or installation to your required standards. We offer a variety of service plans to guarantee you the response time your organization needs.

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